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Rodokmen Daisy Spotty Memories


 Ch.Gold Rush Of Duke s Proud 

 HD A, ED 0, OCD free,Lemon free

Caldecacre Secrets and Lies 
Ch.Moyglass Profesor Plum

Ch.Camargue Calvin Klein

Spotwood Swallowtail At Moyglass
Perdita s Another Chance For Caldecacre

Ch.Perdita s Right On Time

Ch.Perdita s Did It Again
Mad Madam Mim Of Duke s Proud

Ch.Smuggler s Den Of Duke s Proud 


Ch.Perdita s Right On Time


Ch.Perfect KIss Of Duke s Proud

Whatchamacallit Of Duke s Proud


Ch.Spotnik s Viking Victory

Ch.Crazy For You Of Duke s Proud

C.I.B.Stories Of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss 

HD A, ED1, OCD free, Lemon free


CH.With Love in Heart Arthur King Of Knights HD A ,ED 0, BAER +/+

C.I.B.Absolute Love Best Fairytale From Skovly

CH.Perdita s Right On Time HD A
C.I.B.Albicans Fidelia

CH.Gwynmor Dere Di


 Perdita s Right As Rain   At Caldecacre
 CH.Gwynmor Ysgawen   HD A

C.I.B.Farfalla Uma Turman
HD A, ED 0 , BAER +/+


C.I.B.Crunch Munch V. Ascabah

Dalmo s Headmaster II

CH.Gwynmor Unchained  Melody HD A

CH.Yagoda Malina iz Terletskoy Dubravy

 C.I.B.Puding Dog Knjaz   Terletskiy HD B 

Lavanda iz Terletskoy Dubravy