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Diego Spotty memories - junior class : Exc.1,CAJC - he is JUNIOR CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA :)
Amon Of Spotty memories - champion class (3) : Exc.2, Res CAC
Daisy Spotty memories - junior class : Exc.2


Amon Of Spotty memories - champion class (3) : Exc1., CAC, Victory winner
(Photo about Amon is Dalmatian of the year 2018, and he was Best dog in VI.Group 2018)

Daisy Spotty memories - Junior champion class : Exc., CAJC, She is NEW JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA
Francesco Spotty memories - minor puppy class : Very promising 1., Slovak Minor Puppy winner, Puppy BOB !!

Daisy Spotty memories
youth class - 2x Excellent 1., 2x CAJC, 1x Best Junior, 1x VG

Stories Of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss
champion class - 2x Excellent 1., 1x CAC, 1x CACIB 
Missy is New Grand Champion of Hungary :) 

Francesco Spotty memories 
minor puppy class - 3x Very promising 1, 1x BIS BABY 3  
Nico finished his first title SLOVAKIAN PUPPY CHAMPION :)

Diego Spotty memories
junior class - 3x Excellent 1, 2x CAJC 
Daisy Spotty memories 
junior class (3) - 2x Excellent 1, 2x CAJC, 1x Excellent 2


Daisy Spotty memories : puppy class - Very promising 1, European Future 2018

C.I.B.Stories Of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss : champion class - Excellent

Judge : Mr.Roberto Velez Pico (PR)



National dog show Bratislava (SK) 18.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,BOS with this last CAC he is Champion of Slovakia

Victory Show Bratislava (SK) 17.2.2018

Exc.1,CAC - Wictory Junior Winner 

CACIB Nitra (SK) 11.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB

CACIB Brno (CZ) 4.2.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB,BOG2 he finished Junior champion title in CZ.

National dog show Bedzin (PL) 28.1.2018

Intermediate class : Exc.1, CAC,BOB,BOG3 he became champion of Poland


2 Boys, 8girls all black spotted, no patch